Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool

Charles Haddon (above, centre) - lead singer of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, who were due to play in the Parklife Festival here in Australia next month - has recently committed suicide after performing in another festival in Europe.

According to Dutch website, sometime after the band had finished their set at the Pukkelpop festival in Belgium, Haddon took his own life. He was 22:

After performing, Haddon came back and jumped into the crowd unfortunately seriously injuring one girl, it was after this incident that he reportedly killed himself by climbing to the top of a satellite mast in a backstage parking area and jumping off.The tragedy has been confirmed by festival organisers, who staged a press conference late on Friday (20Aug10).

Ou Est Le Swimming pool, currently on the airwaves in Australia with 'Dance The Way I Feel', were due to perform at the nationally touring Parklife Festival, beginning late September. The singer confirmed that the band were looking forward to playing in Australia for the first time: "We're going to make sure that everything on our side is absolutely perfect so everyone can enjoy it."



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